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German-Bulgarian Conference on Research for Sustainability

Sofia, Mai 2008

Veranstalter: Fraunhofer Zentrum Mittel- und Osteuropa

Research for Sustainability

During the German presidency of the European Council 2007, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) organised the fourth FONA conference in Leipzig was to unite the challenges of sustainable development with the challenges of competitiveness. Experts agreed that present complex challenges cannot be handled by individual countries.

In order to establish a continuous and systematical basis for the dialogue with the Central and Eastern European countries on research for sustainability the Fraunhofer Centre for Central and Eastern Europe (MOEZ) was charged by the BMBF to conceptualise measures for the implementation of the follow-up process of the Leipzig FONA conference.

The MOEZ initiates and leads match making processes for key figures in selected research areas, amongst others within the field of sustainability. Therefore, MOEZ acts as a network provider and supports and encourages technology-oriented cooperation for players from science and industry, both in Central and Eastern Europe and in Germany.

The follow-up process is going to be realised within the business field SiNCE (Sustainability through Innovative Networks in Central and Eastern Europe).

CiF e. V. Fokuss: Panel C Sustainable Land Use and Soil Reclamation

Fraunhofer Zentrum Mittel- und Osteuropa
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